Upholstery Pick up and Delivery

If the upholstery of your furnishings is commencing to look dirty and mucky then the time has come for you to clean it. Don’t neglect your furniture upholstery cleaning duties because if you do so, the upholstery will get soiled beyond return and you will have to either change the upholstery or buy new furniture for your home or place of work.

On the other hand if you are so busy that you don’t have the time to conduct your furniture upholstery cleaning, know that you can always use professional cleaning services. Don’t worry that you won’t be able to find a good and reliable cleaning company for the job, because you have already found us and as immodest as it sounds we are presently the most sought and acclaimed cleaning company in .

We are a cleaning company that has been in the cleaning business for almost a decade and throughout these years we have conducted numerous furniture upholstery cleaning projects. Know that we have completed all these projects with flying colors. We have attained these amazing results because of the fact that the cleaning projects for which we are hired are carried out by professional upholstery cleaning technicians that have an immense know-how. Our cleaners can easily clean and remove any stains from all upholstery fabrics such as wool, cotton, silk, leather and etc.

To make our cleaners even better at their profession we have equipped them with top notch professional upholstery cleaning machines and first rate specialized upholstery cleaning detergents. Note that the cleaning solutions that we use are 100% eco-friendly and are toxic-free and chemical-free. Also know that our employees will work on your furniture upholstery with the outmost care and respect.

Generally our cleaners will clean your furniture upholstery on site (your home or place of work) in order to complete the job quickly. But if you don’t want us to work on site, have no worried because we provide upholstery pickups and delivery services. This means that we will come to your home or place of work and strip your furnishings from their upholstery and take the upholstery with us in order to clean it. Once the upholstery has been cleaned and dried properly, we will return the upholstery to you and dress all your furniture before we call it a day.

Know that we work with highly reasonable prices which are based on the individual specs of each project for which we are employed. We work with this pricing method because we want to maintain our reputation of the company with the most affordable upholstery cleaning services in intact. We also believe that custom pricing our services is the only way to provide to our clients high end cleaning services at fair prices.

Don’t be timid to call us if you wish to learn more about our company and the numerous other cleaning services that we provide like drapery cleaning. Also don’t be shy to request your personalized free quote, to see for yourself that we do indeed provide amazing services at remarkable prices.