Oven Cleaning

The average oven sees a lot of daily use, and abuse sometimes. As such this hard working kitchen appliance needs proper cleaning on a regular basis. People who have cleaned their oven before will know how tough, tricky and time consuming the process really is. Cleaning of hard to reach nooks and crannies inside the oven will take a lot of elbow grease and even more patience.
If you have better things to do with your time and energy than oven cleaning, then by all means turn to us and take full advantage of inexpensive, quick and efficient oven cleaning service that is bound to deliver the required level of results without costing you too much.

There are many different types of ovens out there and each of them has its own cleaning specifics. Because of this we have devised and implemented a versatile oven cleaning service that is right for all types of ovens. The cleaning systems and materials we use are safe and suitable for all types of ovens including conventional, fan forced, gas fuelled and self-cleaning models. There will be no application of aggressive scours or strong chemicals which may damage or alter protective coatings and finishes inside the oven. Detachable features like racks and pans will be removed from the oven prior to cleaning and sanitised separately as most of the time these are made of more delicate metals and materials.

Because we need to yield the best possible cleaning results without margin for error, the oven cleaning service is carried out by specially trained cleaners who have extensive knowledge in domestic and commercial oven cleaning, and are able to identify and tackle the specific hygiene issues presented by each oven.
Why is oven cleaning so important? First of all, a clean oven is a healthy oven. If the appliance is left unattended for too long, all the stale grease and oil fume residue will accumulate on walls and heating elements. In result dishes cooked in the oven will become fattier and altered in taste and flavour – none of which are doing your culinary skills any favours. Second of all, a clean oven is a cost effective oven. The same stale grease and oil fume residue will strain the oven to work properly as the appliance will take longer to heat up and struggle to maintain the desired cooking temperature, in result you pay twice as much in electricity bills. Last but not least, a clean oven is a safe oven. In some extreme cases when the oven is neglected, and hasn’t seen the business end of a scouring brush for long periods of time, built up of grease and residue can become a household fire hazard.

Instead of risking so much, use our efficient and affordable cleaning services instead and keep your hard working oven clean and fresh at all times. Oven cleaning can be combined with other services we have in store. The service is moderately priced so the piggy bank will live to see another day.